PoreCamp Australia 2017

PoreCamp.AU is a training "bootcamp" based around the Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing platform,
held in Australia. It represents a unique opportunity to learn about this exciting new sequencing
platform from some of the leading experts in the field. It is a hands-on workshop run over 3 days,
covering the technology, library preparation techniques (rapid, 1D and 2D), starting runs,
bioinformatics analysis and interpretation.

The series was originally founded by Nick Loman and Joshua Quick (see UK PoreCamp).

Applications for PoreCamp.AU 2017 are now open! 30 applicants will be selected to receive direct
training from experienced MinION users from around the world,
at the University of Melbourne from 8th-10th February 2017
(immediately prior to the Lorne Genome conference).

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PoreCamp Location: Peter MacCallum Seminar Room, Level 4 West, Medical Building
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Bioinformatics Reference

PoreCampAU Training Data
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Camp Objectives

How to Apply

  • Registration for PoreCampAU has now closed. .
  • Applicants will be notified by Jan 13th.
  • Attendance fee: $900 (includes flowcell & library kit for MinION run and day-time catering).
  • You must BYO MinION device and compatible laptop.
  • Accommodation not provided - recommendations
  • For more information please contact Andrew Siebel .